Sunday, April 23, 2006

"It Wasn't My Fault, I Swear To God!!"

Even though responsible people (even ones who don't personally like her!) are reporting that Mary McCarthy was a good CIA agent and a straight shooter, not a political hack, my post immediately below is indeed becoming the right's meme: that there aren't any secret prisons, it was all a sting operation, and, oh, by the way, McCarthy is connected to Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame and Sandy Berger and Bill Clinton, and she's going to squeal on dozens of other CIA traitors and bring down that other traitor, Jay Rockefeller.

It's going to be a lot of fun watching the nutcase conspiracy theories expand and implode.
-- The theory that the prisons never existed and were fabricated as part of a sting operation seems to have been originated by the inexplicably popular Captain's Quarters, based on self-serving denials by the countries that hosted the prisons.

Other conservative sites love the idea that the U.S. is so clever that it has ruined its international reputation as a protector of human rights and vastly energized terrorist recruiting efforts in an ingenious ploy to nail a mole.

-- Stingray
("A Blog for Salty Christians") thinks the prisons don't exist. (Bible: all literally, indisputably true. Prisons testified to by living, breathing people who were detained there: don't exist.)

-- Macsmind, in its post "Rockefeller Did You Teller", likes both the "there were no prisons" and "Rockefeller's behind it all" theories: This is much more than just the leak of CIA prisons - a story which in itself is false....

-- Michelle Malkin thinks Mary McCarthy sent Joe Wilson to Niger. So does Ace of Spades HQ, a blog notable mainly for bragging about wanting to slit people's throats.

Little Green Goofballs Footballs thinks the prisons never existed, that McCarthy sent Wilson to Niger, and that the reporter's husband gets Joe Wilson "Media Gigs."

-- Stop The ACLU gets the first part of its story right: During the Bush Administration, a nexus of politicians, government workers and members of the news media have worked overtime in leaking classified information....

but instead of pointing out the treachery of Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney, and the President himself in leaking the National Intelligence Estimate, bemoaning the disclosure of Valerie Plame's identity (which blew not only her cover but the entire CIA front company she supposedly worked for), commenting on the news that special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is seeking Karl Rove's indictment, or picking up on the new story that Condi Rice, too, has leaked classified information -- all good and true stuff! -- they instead drink the Kool-Aid:

From the secret terrorist prisons to the National Security Agency’s super-secret surveillance program, intelligence officials and the Bush Administration have had to watch their counterterrorism efforts neutralized for political reasons.

"Super secret surveillance system"? Does alliteration substitute for facts now? Hell, the NSA's "S.S.S.S." was revealed on the TV show "Alias" three years before the Times picked up the story!

And then, just for kicks, proceed to resurrect the old rightwing speculation that Jay Rockefeller, ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee and a man who held his tongue about the NSA's illegal surveillance program, is secretly a leaker who's about to be brought down -- a story I debunked quite a while ago here.

-- Lifelike Pundits, in a permapost titled "The Democrats' Culture of Treason," buys into all the theories:

Mary McCarthy, Clinton/Burger appointee, belongs to the same club as Generals Clark and Zinni, worked in the same department of Valerie Plame. How far will this go? Senator Rockefeller?

So there you have it: like John Belushi begging Carrie Fisher not to blow him away in "The Blues Brothers" ("Honest... I ran out of gas. I, I had a flat tire. I didn't have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn't come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. Locusts. IT WASN'T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD"), the wingnuts trot out every conspiracy theory and excuse they can think of: McCarthy is a traitor for telling about the prisons, there aren't any prisons, it's all a sting, Jay Rockefeller's behind it all, the reporter's husband is behind it all, Joe Wilson is behind it all, Valerie Plame is behind it all, Bill Clinton (of course!) and Sandy Berger are behind it all, and most of all -- our leaks are good, your leaks are bad.

The one explanation they don't trot out? The simplest one, of course, the one that Occam's Razor suggests is the most likely: that maybe the prisons do exist, and they're illegal, immoral and unAmerican, and Mary McCarthy did precisely what we said, in the Nuremburg trials, that the Nazis should have done: courageously opposed her government when it violated human rights.

They're self-destructing right before our faces. Rove's about to be indicted, Condi's even getting tagged as a security risk, Bush and Cheney both lied to the special prosecutor. But unlike Jake Blues, they won't be able to wiggle out from under their string of ridiculous excuses by taking take off their Ray-Bans, smiling a big white smile, and getting us to fall in love with them all over again. Even Fox News admits Bush's approval numbers are at 33%, and it's only going to get worse.

Update: Congressional Democrats are suggesting there's a double standard on leaks. D'oh!


MTI said...

A little common sense is needed on your loon site.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Attorney General Gonzalez Should Have Said: "You Liberals Have Forgotten 9/11 And Are Leading Us To Disaster."

Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez blew it in the NSA hearings.

When the liberal Senator and Presidential hopeful Russ Feingold sat there and smirked, like he knew Gonzalez was a fool, and then accused him of lying to Congress, Gonzalez should have said the following:

“Senators on the left, I am going to tell you something that is so politically incorrect, but is so much the truth, it will probably make your heads spin.
We are in World War 4, the Cold war being World War 3 for those of you on the left who missed that fact while you were talking disarmament with the Soviet Union.
But listen to me now.
The Islamic Fascists are trying to take over the world.
More so than the Soviet Union ever wanted to.
The riots in Europe over cartoons, cartoons for God sakes, shows just how angry and dedicated the Islamic radicals are.
They will not stop until they have defeated the U.S and the West.
You liberals will not realize this until it bites you in the ass.
Forget “illegal” wiretapping and the “rights” of detainees.
You need to be concerned with the fact that the Islamic fascists are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to destroy us.
Until you do you so YOU are aiding and abetting the enemy and ignoring reality.
YOU are helping the Islamofacists and will be held responsible when this leads to another 9/11.
This is your warning.”

Gonzalez would have been right to do this.

Every religion but Islam is fair game for liberal attacks.

The world is at a brink.

Iran is ready for a nuclear war, Russia is helping them, Bolivia and Venezuela are under control of Castro-like communists, Europe is unwilling to stop the violence and the liberals in the United States are acting as if this is a political game.

The last time we played this game under the Clinton administration, one that was afraid to go after terrorists as a war but more like a legal problem, it led to flight 93 going down, the Pentagon being hit and the World Trade center being destroyed along with 3000 American citizens.

How soon we forget.

But I have not forgotten, and neither have the Islamofacists.

There was a sign at the protests held by the Islamofacists while they burned the Danish embassy yesterday.
It read: “Europe must learn from 9/11!”

If that is not a declaration of World War, what is?

I have a liberal friend who text messaged me last night saying:
“ Are you taping the impeachment hearings tomorrow?”
He meant the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program hearings from today.

That is the problem with the left. They look at EVERYTHING as a political game and a way to attack President Bush. They believe Bush broke the law monitoring the terrorists who are plotting in this country to repeat 9/11. They think FINALLY this will be the end of President Bush.

I emailed back my friend that this hearing would end up like the Alito Supreme Court hearings with Kennedy, Shumer and Feingold looking like fools, and that is what happened.

The liberals just don’t get it, and never will.

Everything they look at is through the prism of “How do we get Bush today?”
Instead they should be looking at “How do we stop the terrorists today”.

But that would mean they would have to stop politicizing this war on terror.

Can’t have that, can we? Must stop the evil Bush regime.

Former President Carter has said the NSA program is illegal.
This from the man who gave us the Iran Hostage Crisis because he was too afraid to confront the terrorists like President Bush is.
Maybe if Carter had done his job then the Islamofascists would know we are not fair game for their attacks today.

In Matworld the Democrats realize this is a long term World War and that they are hurting the effort.
They also stop attacking Bush about everything just for political reasons.

The Democrat party is self-destructing and they know it. That is why they can’t stop this downward spiral. They have to try and appease the Michael Moore wing of the party that gives them so much money.

In Matworld the long term health of the United States is what matters, not petty political attacks and insane arguments from the Taliban wing of the Democrat party.

But I may as well hope to win the lottery if I expect common sense from the liberals.

Once again they have overreached and don’t realize it.

One more step to the Democrat party becoming irrelevant in the political world, and in the United States.

PS: Need more proof of the self destruction of the Democrat party? Just look at Coretta Scott King's "funeral" today. Jimmy Carter and the Democrats attacked President Bush on WMD's , Katrina and "Wiretapping" while President Bush was sitting right there. At a funeral! Low class and desperate. They are losing it a piece at a time. MTI

Anonymous said...

Away we drop through the rabbit hole into Bizzarro World, where everything is upside-down:

Everything they look at is through the prism of “How do we get Bush today?” Instead they should be looking at “How do we stop the terrorists today”

Ummm... nope. For us, the Constitution and moral principle comes first. We don't believe an America that tortures, lies to its own people, and ignores civil rights is really an America worth saving. We also believe that an America that doesn't torture, tells the truth, and protects civil rights will, in the end, be stronger and more likely to endure, even against "the terrorists."

The truth is that CONSERVATIVES look at every new revelation of wrongdoing through the prism of “How do we protect Bush today?”, when real patriots are asking, “How do we make America good and great today?”

But, as a commenter said on another site, Bush could be caught balls-deep in a five year old boy, and some folks would still call it a liberal plot.

MTI said...

NO...that would be Bill Clinton caught with the little boy.

We Red State conservatives know insanity when we see it and the Democrat party is its home.

Keep doing what you are doing. We love it! Makes the country see you for what you really are. Sort of like having Ted "the swimmer" Kennedy on Meet The Press for 30 minutes. What better way to ensure people don't vote for Democrats!

Thanks for all your help!!!


Myra Langerhas said...

I disagree with everything you say but I like the way you present it. Nice Blues Brothers reference.