Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Please Order Glenn Greenwald's New Book, "How Would a Patriot Act?"

How Would a Patriot Act? is the first book issued by Working Assets' new publishing venture under a new, fast-to-market, grassroots-marketed publishing model that I believe will alter the impact of publishing on politics in our favor the way Regnery (the conservative imprint) did for neocons.

Glenn, proprietor of the Unclaimed Territory blog and without question the most knowledgeable, insightful commentator on the NSA spying scandal and related privacy issues, is a great writer who deserves both support and wider public recognition -- deserves to move from the blogs to the larger marketplace of ideas.

Early orders for his book are a key component of Working Assets' publishing strategy, since tons of early orders move books higher on Amazon's "what's selling" list, and other booksellers, especially independents, look for up-and-comers on that list when making their own purchasing decisions. In other words, a book can feed off its own buzz: if it sells well on Amazon, other booksellers will notice and start stocking it, more people will see it, and it can become a market leader.

So if you want to read a really good book for a great price ($12!), help a progressive leader, support a new liberal publisher, and multiply the impact of your purchase by helping the book get noticed, then please pre-order the book.

One of Glenn's (and my) readers has already ordered 25!

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