Monday, April 10, 2006

NTodd on China, Iraq, and Why Bush's Economics Are Disastrous for National Security

On my calmer, saner blog, The Neoprogressive, I keep writing about our own weak economic condition, how dangerous it is, and how it hands control of our country to creditor nations like China. And news is trickling out, especially from Gary Hart's new book, about how focused on China some people in the Administration are. You'd think one of those high-rollers would be able to make the link and realize that our economic reliance on China is a serious security risk, but nope, it comes down to clear-thinking pacifists like NTodd to realize, and try to communicate to people with power, that the Chinese consider economics to be part of warfare, and that the link between our economic insecurity and our defense posture overlaps even into Iraq (where insurgents are bankrupting us for pennies a day), and that Bush's deficits and American job losses are endangering us while the Republicans bloviate about "national security" in the narrowest sense.

Meanwhile, Vichy Joe Lieberman supports the Iraq war, and V Mary Landrieu casts the deciding vote in support of the Republicans' bloated budget in the naive hope that some money will finally trickle to (Democratic) New Orleans, while the right-wing spin machine keeps telling America that Democrats are weak on "defense" ...


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glenda said...

Excellent read. We must understand the culture to even begin to get the subtext.