Sunday, April 30, 2006

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid...

Oh, this is just deeply, deeply twisted. I'm blogging at this ungodly hour because I've got insomnia and now I'll NEVER get to sleep. Maybe if I pull the covers over my head. I thought just having Bush be President was bad enough; Bush as the first woman president is even worse. If this is sort of how some conservatives feel about Hillary then I'm beginning to understand them.

There are a couple more, of other pols, at Justaskjudy. I don't know whether she created them. I just know they trouble me and if I were a caring, gentle blogger I wouldn't inflict them on you.



lucretia said...

theresites2: I clicked the Justaskjudy blog and read peoples' statements. I wrote a comment and would have joined blog or whatever, but it was removed. When I clicked Post a Comment again it did not go through as before.

So I will comment here.

Get serious.

I do not care for Hillary anymore than any of you, but she would be better than Bush domestically. She would keep the social programs intact which Bush Co. is ideologically geared to eliminating one after another until there are no more safety nets. The poor and near poor along with labor unions are severely threatened.

It is important to realize that improving the standards of work and lifestyle of the American worker is our prime business. From that the improved life of all others springs proportionately. This is the way our country through each generation makes possible the evolvement of the worker's status by higher education and creative opportunities.

The AFL-CIO is going stronger in a much healthier way than the past.
Their website is I think you should identify with them Theresites2 unless you have already.
Howard Dean is my choice for Pres. But his work in the 50 states for the Dem Party will go beyond 2008. To allow that work to develop to the point where it can bear fruit, we have to CONTAIN the fascist beast, as best possible, particularly going for a Dem House and/or Senate again.

Another thing: this constant picking on her and the other DLC candidates not only wastes our time but is unrealistic since they are all we have at this time. I'm including Feingold here--I think we would find he's aligned with that group because of leverage. I think picking one senator from the rest as the ideal makes no sense unless we can substantiate WHY it's possible for him to operate differently.

THAT difference we could substantiate with DEAN because he was not corporate backed.

Anonymous said...


Great points, and I still disagree! You wrote: this constant picking on her and the other DLC candidates not only wastes our time but is unrealistic since they are all we have at this time.

But they're NOT all we have. I've got no argument with the DLC being a large bloc in the Democratic coalition; I have a huge argument with them attempting to totally dominate it, to the extent that candidates they don't approve of don't get a fair shake in the primaries (so Dem voters never really get a choice). I disapprove of Hillary instructing donors not to give money to anyone else who might run for President in 2008. I disapprove of the DLC trying to corner the market on voter data instead of letting the DNC distribute it openly to all Democratic contenders. I dislike Hillary raising money in OREGON, for God's sake, ostensibly for her NY Senate race, then taking that money, passing it along to other DLC candidates, and therefore using regular people's money to increase her own power within the party.

The DLC operates within the party the way fundamentalists operate within churches: they're so sure they're right that they not only want freedom to think and act the way they choose to, they want to squelch any other perspectives. And they think they're doing us all a favor by doing this.

I'll put it this way: I worked for hundreds of hours on the Kerry campaign even though he was far from my favorite candidate. I was part of a volunteer vote protection lawyer's group, met with key election officials in Salem, was threatened with arrest by a local official who disliked the fact that I was advocating for voters' rights to have regular rather than provisional ballots, brought my daughters to "Kids for Kerry" meetings and did door to door canvassing. And all this despite the fact that Dean was my guy. I'm a party loyalist.

If Hillary gets the nomination, and McCain or someone like him gets the Republican nod? I'm staying home. I may even vote Republican. That's how strongly I believe that the DLC crowd is as dangerous, or even more dangerous (because, like a Fifth Column, they operate within our party), than the average Republican.

Some people think that's extreme, but the more I learn about what the DLC is really doing, the more I realize that Lieberman is not the exception, he's just the clearest example of the rule. Hillary isn't Bill lite; she's Joe lite.

lucretia said...

Your post is informative. I did not know the DLC does not share voter info. with DNC. But, now we need to know what the DNC is doing, and get off Hillary. Who else besides Hillary (don't forget Bill's part of it, and he has more moxie than she does)?

Also please, please don't give us this John McCain stuff. He's a turncoat and cannot be trusted. Besides he's just as imperialistic as the rest, and domestically conservative also. Maybe not as bad as Bush, but no where close to Democrat, DLC or otherwise. He's one hell of a big phony and a great favorite with Independents who want someone different...he plays to that but he's not different.

Could you look into the DNC for us please? If you can get some inside information to guide us. Specifically, is there any way they can prevail against the DLC,at lease to the extent they can mitigate against its excesses?

The guy who heads up the DLC is a hardliner. You are right with the analogy to fundamentalists. And the analogy is the same for the Neocon idealogues,i.e. Tom DeLay who said once: "I am the Federal Government." and also said,
"We have the absolute truth."

Both of above groups want conquest for world control through control of energy. Energy means oil, because any other alternate source of energy cannot be controlled by us, and could therefore not be used to back the dollar, thus making the dollar fiat money as it is now. That's where killing the euro to buy oil comes in. Because of Saddam's 'betrayal' of US-OPEC agreement and now Iran, the Neocons believe the only way to secure the dollar for oil is occupation of the mid-East countries with permanent US bases so they be SURE the sales will be done in dollars.

DeannaHawk said...

OMG it's George Coulter or Ann Bush--either way I'm nauseous.


kenju said...

Imagine my surprise when I followed your link through my statcounter and found my link! Thanks for that. I did not create the drag photos; I got them in email. I'll be back.