Thursday, April 6, 2006

More Great Eskow, On Accommodationism, Party Loyalty, John Kerry, and Iraq

Another great essay from R.J. Eskow on the Huffington Post. Pithy parts:

When the Democrats in the Senate made their fear-based and cynical decision to vote for the Iraq war (despite the fact that most of them realized it was wrong), they did so in a group meeting behind closed doors. It came out recently that Kerry made an impassioned argument for voting against the war during that meeting, but bowed to the majority.***

Kerry's decision to work within the political system, and within the Democratic Party, was wise and sound. He's done a lot of good as a result. It's his hamartia, and it's not a flaw. But he took the spirit of accommodation too far. The Party's leadership has demonstrated a craven and cynical attitude toward the moral choices that confront them - an attitude that's not only wrong ethically, but foolish strategically.

Kerry's compromise with his Party's leadership and advisors ended his quest for the Presidency - in 2004 and probably forever.

It's what I've been saying all along: shifting the party back to the left, and being ruthless with caucus members who defect on key issues, isn't an exercise in ideological purity; it's good strategy. Bush himself authorized leaks of classified intelligence? Gonzalez claims the right to spy on Americans domestically without warrants? Russ Feingold is being proved more right every passing day. Kerry should have stood tall when they took the Iraq vote. The rest of the Senate should stand with Feingold now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new word, "hamartia".

Tate said...

Please sign Sen. Harkin's petition supporting the Feingold Censure Resolution.

We need to stand with the courageous dems who are standing up to BFEE.

Tate said...

Direct link to Sen. Harkin's Censure Petition

Please sign Congressman Conyers' petition/solidarity letter for his bills to begin the Impeachment inquiry:

Fight Back said...

David Sirota ( has two good posts about regarding "Vichy Dems"and those who are fighting for progressive causes. Check out "It's All in the Name" and Labor Stands Strong, Courageously Demands Accountability".

Fight Back said...

I would also check out the link that David has in his post "Labor Stands Strong, Courageously Demands Accountablity". It's the link on Melissa Bean and one of our favorites (Not!) Rahm Emanuel. It brings you to the Working Life website, written by Jonathan Tasini.

lucretia said...

Kerry blew it when he renigged on Iraq. Then he realized it and tried to go back. Of course, the framing began: Flip-Flop and people picked up this stuff right away!

Kerry said later he did not know that Bush would do such a terrible job of Iraq, implying he would have voted differently! Dean was sabotaged by the Demos too, to put in Kerry because Dean was not backed by Corp special interests who thus could not wield control over Dean. Kerry was set up for Iowa and he had to know it. I really hate the guy for this and for his subsequent campaign that was a deliberate fold. His speeches would not have reached anyone. Plenty of Democrats voted against Bush, but plenty of Dems and GOP members voted for Bush for security--religion and their skewed values had little to do with it. But you notice the Dems won't get off the subject of values--they've jumped in the pen with the others on this topic too.

Dean is the only original.

Thanks Tate for the Harkin url. I went there and signed up!