Thursday, April 20, 2006

And We'll Have Fun, Fun, Fun...

... When the G-Men Haul Poor Karly Away!!

From that bloviating and traitorous but never- theless well- connected bag of wind, Bob Novak:

Robert Novak said Wednesday that special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald knows who outed a CIA agent to the Chicago Sun-Times columnist but hasn't acted on the information because Novak's source committed no crime.

Even better, from

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald met with the grand jury hearing evidence in the CIA leak case and introduced additional evidence against Rove, attorneys and other US officials close to the investigation said.

The grand jury session in federal court in Washington, DC, sources close to the case said, was the first time this year that Fitzgerald told the jurors that he would soon present them with a list of criminal charges he intends to file against Rove in hopes of having the grand jury return a multi-count indictment against Rove.

In an interview Wednesday, Rove's attorney, Robert Luskin, confirmed that Rove remains a "subject" of Fitzgerald's two-year-old probe.

Maybe Novak's source wasn't as current as Truthout's. Or maybe they're talking about different people: as I've pointed out previously, Fitz may not disclose wrongdoing by Bush or Cheney themselves because the remedy for their crimes is impeachment, not indictment, which puts them out of the purview of his assignment. But I like the direction both are heading.


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Since I stole it from someone else -- sure, go ahead!