Monday, April 10, 2006

Why I Support the DNC and Not the DCCC

Pow Wow, a commenter at firedoglake, made an important, succinct, and informative point in a discussion about Joe Lieberman and the places where, despite threatening to run as an independent, he's still drawing financial support. It addresses a larger issue that I keep raising: that the damned party committees should stop taking sides in Democratic primaries. Here's the relevant part of Pow Wow's comment:

The DCCC ... WAS supporting (financially, I’m almost certain) the incumbent Henry Cuellar in his Democratic primary against Ciro Rodriquez in Texas. Ciro got squat from the DCCC because the DCCC “policy” is to support ALL incumbents, no matter what. I’d love to know how much cash the DSCC has been, or will be, forking over to Lieberman before August, just before watching him head off into the wilderness on his own. [They did already decline Lieberman’s pleas once, about using their muscle to force Lamont out of the race, I recall reading somewhere. I’m sure Lamont, if not the DSCC, has “learned” from the Paul Hackett hatchet job, at least.]

And finally, after the Hackett affair, Howard Dean made a point of publicly stating that the DNC (which is under his control) does NOT participate in contested Democratic primaries. The two Congressional committees (DSCC and DCCC) are another matter altogether, and are both basically completely off the rails ethically, doing the unprinicipled bidding of Schumer and Emanuel, democracy be damned.

It's what I've been saying all along. Howard Dean and the DNC: good. Rahm Emanuel and the DCCC: bad. (And, while we're on the subject: Hillary Clinton and the DLC: misguided, self-serving and dangerous to the party.)


Fight Back said...

Again, I would encourage readers to check out "Only Millionaire Fence Straddlers Need Apply" and "The Democrats: An Impotent and Tolerated Opposition Party". Both at Counterpunch. Also, check out Sirotablog. "It's All in the Name" and the Jonathan Schwarz link in the artice.
Very revealing about one Democratic Senator from Illinois.

lucretia said...

The DLC and the DCCC/DSCC obviously work together now. They're joined in a combined effort to get the mid-terms their way and 2008 same. Although publicly these Dems who are the most powerful ones appear indecisive, I think they have enough leadership to all function well within the plan they have. The plan seems to be same as GOP always is, do nothing. They figure current Bush events will put them in. In the meantime they continue to act civil and make no controversial statements or moves. They take no chances because the GOP framers will go right to work on it, and a large part of the American public is well tuned in now to the consistent framing.

There are Capitol Hill Dems who don't like it but they cannot buck it. To expect individual members of Congress or Dem party groups like DLC and DCCC/DSCC to be working independently of each other is not realistic at this time when the Dem Party has to get back in some way.

They're up against a blight of enormus proportions. What concerns me is their tendency to join it.