Sunday, April 9, 2006

I Used to Like the Washington Post...

... which used to be a good paper, the one that broke Watergate and generally was a center-left antidote to the Republican-slanted, Rev. Sun Myung Moon-owned Washington Times. I frequently choose to cite its versions of news articles here, since it is the one paper at least skimmed daily by most Beltway Democrats. I even was willing to forgive the Ben Domenech fiasco, if only because it was so much fun to watch that egotistical, ignorant and ultimately dishonest young man destroy himself in an event of karmic retribution as neat and quickly resolved as an episode of "My Name Is Earl."

But when not just conservative ideology, but modern conservatism's penchant for ignoring or even rewriting the facts to support that ideology, lands on a paper's editorial page, it's fair to seriously second-guess both the bias and the integrity of the paper as a whole. Exhibit One: this preposterously inaccurate editorial and the various denunkings of that editorial collated here at The Agonist.

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lucretia said...

I agree. The editorial was not a disagreement with the facts printed in the news section, it changed the facts. Their opinions are based on propaganda.

Most certainly conservatism under Bush Right does not represent the conservatives of yesteryear. It's now just an excuse to print lies to suit the admin.'s next move.

Pauvre Bushie--he never thought through an issue or concept in his pampered life. But the twerp knows what he likes: ruthless capitalism (which is subsidized) for corporations only using the investments of the elite primarly and keeping the work force down to lowest pay, no benefits. Undoubtedly, in a coming time there will be pre-school for bootstraps learning.