Monday, April 17, 2006

Links Resource: The Mishandling of Iraq (redux)

Here's a fresh link to a perennial favorite, Links Resource: The Mishandling of Iraq. The Links Resource is a compendium of articles and essays telling, straightforwardly, the story of how Iraq was disingenuously misprepresented, and grotesquely botched, from the word go.
It's also scarily consistent with the rhetoric we're starting to hear about Iran -- history so recent that some, perhaps, may forget to learn from it.

(Links to Links Resource: The Mishandling of Iraq)


Tate said...

Fitz has let us down completely - Please let people know about this:

One page pdf linked at Rep. Hinchey's site. Why did it take Fitz SIX
MONTHS to offer his REFUSAL TO INVESTIGATE THE NIGER FORGERIES as requested by Rep. Hinchey and 39 other Democrats last October?

KnightErrant said...

Thanks. You will save me lots of research time.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't come as a surprise. Fitz's assignment is very limited; he's not permitted to range freely the way that partisan nitwit, Ken Starr, was. The Republicans have allowed the Watergate-era special prosecutor statute to expire, and Fitz isn't allowed to comment at all on wrongdoing by anyone he doesn't actually indict. That's why I've said all along that it'll take a small miracle to get Fitz to make public any wrongdoing by Bush and Cheney. I haven't given up hope of that, but I'm putting more faith in Libby's defense team selling his bosses down the river than I am in Fitz going out of his way to topple the government.

I will ask Glenn Greenwald to offer his thoughts on this, though!