Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Howard Dean Can't Openly Support Lamont Over Lieberman, But His Brother Can

Howard Dean is chair of the Democratic National Committee, which unlike the non-party-affiliated Democratic Leadership Council and the party-affiliated but DLC-influenced Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, does not pick favorites in Democratic primary races. So, appropriately, Dean is remaining mum on the Lamont v. Lieberman primary race in Connecticut.

But Dean's brother James heads Democracy For America, the progressive group that emerged from the remnants of Dean's 2004 Presidential-bid grassroots organization, Dean For America. And James Dean has come out in support of Ned Lamont.


Christopher said...

WOW! Double WOW!!!

Linking and thanks.

lucretia said...

Great about DFA supporting Lamont! Thanks.

Infernal Optimist said...

You've got to admit that "James Dean for Lamont" has a nice ring to it.

Anonymous said...

infernal optimist: how do you like the new picture, then? It's titled: "Porsche Victory."