Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ha ha HA Ha ha ha!!

From a member of the fantasy-based community:

It’s coming to light that the “secret torture prisons” might well have been a sting operation. According to an NYT story yesterday, Mary McCarthy might just be “p0wned”.

BRUSSELS, April 20 — The European Union's antiterrorism chief told a hearing on Thursday that he had not been able to prove that secret C.I.A. prisons existed in Europe.

"We've heard all kinds of allegations," the official, Gijs de Vries, said before a committee of the European Parliament. "It does not appear to be proven beyond reasonable doubt." ***

See that line “scrutinize employees who had access to particularly classified information”? That might just mean this is an example of the old classic game of "tell certain people there is something going on, provide a little documentation to make it appear plausible", and see if it gets leaked.... I’m betting McCarthy, along with some others, were caught in a trap they gladly stepped into.

So now the neocon take is: there really aren't any secret prisons, it's just a trap to catch liberal CIA agents. Next up: we don't torture prisoners, Guantanamo is a bunch of empty barracks, and there's actually no war in Iraq -- it's all just a plan to catch traitors and make liberals look foolish, while our soldiers actually sip Mai Tais at a top-secret Club Med somewhere near Grand Tortuga.

Meanwhile, the same people who call McCarthy a traitor continue to claim that leaking components of the National Security Estimate, and the identity of a CIA agent and her entire cover organization, were justifiable.

I've fully recovered from my recent rage at the Right for destroying the career of yet another patriotic CIA agent, and have returned to laughing my ass off at them, which is the infinitely better response, if only because it makes them so upset. Grand Moff Texan would be proud.

Update 2, April 23: Original post on this topic here; additional post here.


KnightErrant said...

If this is true, huge doubts, then it ranks as the most stupid disinformation campaign is the history of propaganda. I can imagine the meeting:

Idiot #1: We've got to stop these leaks. Let's plant some phony reports that America is running secret torture prisons in Europe.

Idiot #2: Right. And when the whole world condemns us for resurrecting the Soviet gulag, we'll know who the leaker is. Brilliant!

Kathleen said...

knighterrant is spot on.

The other absurdity in the original post in The Violence Worker blog (ewwww, what a creepy blog name...) is the claim that this leak--about illegal government activities--is equivalent to the Plame leak.

In the first place, illegal government activities cannot by law be considered to be "Classified" and individuals do have some obligation, both legal and moral, to report illegal activities.

In contrast, the Plame leak revealed information that was LEGALLY Classified, and this leak caused damage to the government, the CIA, and to Plame and others unnamed, for no purpose other than to punish her husband for pointing out Administration LIES.

Other than the word "leak" there is no connection between these two vastly different cases, and to suggest otherwise is disingenuous in the extreme.

Via said...

What do you expect? Anyone who would believe that a supernatural being placed fossilized animals and plants in rock strata to confuse us would believe the Bushco disinfo machine.