Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Iran: Blame Hillary?

Robert Dreyfuss has a good article about Democratic complaisance on Iraq and now Iran:

Brzezinski, appearing on the April 5 "Diane Rehm Show" on NPR, noted the traditional sad critique that Democrats fear being seen as weak or vacillating on issues related to national security. But then he put the real blame squarely where it belongs: on Bill and Hillary Clinton.


In the last week of March, with great hullabaloo, the Democrats presented a 123-page document called “Real Security: Protecting America and Restoring Our Leadership in the World .” The party leaders designed the document as an answer to President Bush’s wreckage-strewn disaster of a U.S. national security and foreign policy. Instead, the Democrats could only manage a mealy-mouthed mishmash of half-measures, tepid critiques and bravado disguised as toughness. Much of it is said to have been “produced by the House and Senate Democrats.” But in fact the main architects of the document appear to have been a host of warmed-over Clintonians and the Hillary-linked Center for American Progress, a centrist thinktank. No surprise, then, that the self-same Center for American Progress, in its March 31 “Progress Report,” attacked the media, including The New York Times , CNN, and others, for ignoring the “Real Security” document. In fact, if it was newsworthy at all, it was because it only confirmed that the Democrats are so weighed down by the likes of Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, Jane Harman and Rahm Emanuel that they are utterly incapable of anything like bold new thinking on national security.

One thing I share with the Republican base: I increasingly think Hillary is dangerous for America. Scary, that. Regular readers know how reluctant I am, despite this blog's title, to lower the boom on merely centrist Democrats; I haven't labeled many "Vichy." I loved Bill while he was President, and I sincerely like Hillary where she is, in the Senate; absent her Presidential ambitions I think she'd return to being relatively liberal and do a good job for New York and for America. But the era of the Clintons as national figures should be done, and we need to put a rosewood stake through the heart of their faux-centrist, accommodationist beast: "In the name of FDR, I smite thee, DLC!"

Yeah, yeah, time to get my morning coffee and take my lithium... (h/t Tresslar from the RootsProject)

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Christopher said...

Hillary is horrible. Period.

She followed Bush into Iraq, voted for a flag burning amendment and refuses to back gay marriage equity.

She's a DINO -- plain and simple.

I'm troubled that poll after poll shows her the top Democratic candidate in 2008. We can and we must do better.