Monday, April 3, 2006

This is what it took:


Via Matt at MyDD we find our quote of the day from Kevin Phillips, the man who showed the GOP how to take over America:

Thus, the challenge for Democrats during what should be tumultuous times in the next 6-8 years is to identify the issues that matter and hammer away at their mishandling. The outsider, progressive and populist Democrats can do this, whereas much of the Democratic establishment let itself become too collusive and contributor-driven to criticize. They remind me of the Rockefeller Republicans in the 1960s who did not want to seriously challenge the existing Democratic policies but rather to make the GOP much the same with a few caveats. Upheaval came only as they were pushed aside.

And so, with that, I direct you to a profile of today's Vichy Democrat.

It's a good thing he decided not to run for president. At best, he's useful to us only as our Fancy Lad in the Senate.


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