Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Everything But the Boy

Scotty steps down as press secretary. Rove gives up the domestic-policy portfolio he only pretended to care about and returns to being an openly partisan political hack. Andy Card slipped under the waves with nary a bubble. Rummy may even go down the tubes -- once Bush says "great job!" you pretty much know your days are numbered.

What do all these White House staff shakeups have in common? They're all window dressing. Yes, it's good to knock down as many neocon operatives as we can. It's also good to take pawns in chess, but it seldom wins the game. We can change all the supporting actors, but unless the man responsible for all the administration's missteps goes, the rest is just rearranging the deck chairs (update: and, yes, I called it that before Howard Kurtz did). Taking out the gunsels doesn't mean a thing if the Godfather isn't in your sights.

For real change, Cheney has to go. Though, to be honest, I suppose I'd settle for taking out Bush.
Update, April 21: I like this criticism of the above so much that I'm classifying it as friendly. I hope they're right!


lucretia said...

Howard Dean was quoted on CNN as saying its all window dressing. He said Bush should make substantative changes,not these.

I don't think this affects Rove at all. It just gives that appearance which is what they (Bush/Rove) want before elections. It has permeated the public to some extent that Rove is a little scary (of course they don't at all connect that with Bush!). So Bush will look good having done this.

Rove has such enormous influence over Bush's actions that Bush would never let him go. He needs him to function.

Whatever happens to Bush,Cheney has to go down too. Cheney's presidency will be giving the neocons the bomb. Cheney baby really cares about the ideology and will do anything, kill as many of our troops as necessary without a single thought, spend ourlast courntry's nickel to reap the neocon dream of USA world rule.

Bush is not a true conservative as has been said before. His is a simpleton ideology aka Louis VI. We (the corporations and my father and me) have a devine right to profit!

Anyone for the guillotine? I think I'll take up knitting.

Anonymous said...

Let's see...first it is Dick Cheney that runs the country then its only Karl Rove that the President listens to. Good thing we didn't elect Kerry who clearly listens to no one (except perhaps the French) or Al Gore who listens only to the little voices inside his head.

Anonymous said...

Just once I'd like a troll with the courage to use even a fictitious name. They don't even have the guts to flame or troll under a pseudonym!!

I'll leave it up for a while, for laughs.