Friday, April 14, 2006

Bush/Cheney's Obstruction of Justice Finally Makes Al Franken's Radar

I'm listening right now to The Al Franken Show on AAR, where Joe Conason's a guest. Joe just explained to an incredulous Al that:

1) It is a crime to make false statements to a federal prosecutor;

2) It doesn't matter whether the speaker was or was not under oath;

3) It's questionable whether Bush and Cheney told special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald the truth when he interviewed them about former Vice Presidential Chief of Staff Scooter Libby's leak to journalists of CIA agent Valerie Plame's identity (a leak that, it increasingly appears, was expressly authorized by both Bush and Cheney); and

4) It's also questionable whether Fitzgerald would tell us if Bush and Cheney did mislead him, since he can't indict them while they're in office, which means Congressional Democrats need to get on the stick to find out for themselves.

A lot of folks have been trying to get these issues into the broader consciousness, starting eight days ago. Now that it's on Franken's and Conason's radar, maybe it will seep into the Beltway and the MSM, to counter the erroneous meme that Libby's leak couldn't have involved a Presidential crime. I love Air America, but it does get frustrating when it takes eight days to get important information and analysis from the liberal blogosphere to the "mainstream" liberal media. I tremble to think how quickly Al will become insulated from the grassroots once he's in the Senate.

Conason made an interesting, new point: that Congress could pass a law obligating Fitzgerald to tell what he knows. But I'm not holding my breath, with Rahm Emanuel is charge and the DLC pulling the strings...

Other posts on this topic: here, here, here, and here. This is an important issue, one the Republicans hope will just glaze our eyes over with legal technicalities but could be Bush's Watergate; please stay on it!


lucretia said...

Theresites2: Are you saying Al Franken didn't know ("incredulous Al") didn't know those points? Don't we all know?

Anonymous said...

Lucretia: Al has been saying that Bush obviously didn't commit a crime, since he has the power to declassify intelligence. I still don't think he understands that Bush DIDN'T declassify the NIE until later -- that this was a leak, not a declassification. And until yesterday he thought that Bush was off the hook because he wasn't under oath -- what he was "incredulous" about was that it's a crime to make false statements to a prosecutor even if you're not under oath. That was news to him.

Pretty crazy that it took 8 days for that sort of thing to seep in, huh?

lucretia said...

theresites2: Al Franken is lovable at times, but I think he is just another Vichy Dem. Back when Dean was running in the primaries and doing really well, I read that Al Franken didn't think he was right for Pres. So what he did to help Kerry is invited a number of major business leaders to his place to introduce them to Kerry. I felt really bad, not thoroughly understanding at that time how the Dem Party was split.

I like to read Franken's books but I'm wary of him. Also, in one of his first books before the last election he described his relationship with Clinton, not really a friend I think, but they attended the same private event.

I don't listen to Air America much, but will try to catch it.

Don't you think it's a little unrealistic on the listeners' part to accept that Franken did not know
the intelligence was not declassified and didn't tune in to the fact that it's a crime to make false statements to a prosecutor even if not under oath? I don't believe him. He's in the news business now and has to know.

Joe Conason is also a Vichy Dem. He's close to Clinton, having written the book to clear Clinton of Republican accusations. That alone doesn't make him one, but he has shown his antipathy to Noam Chomsky, stating Chomsky doesn't like America. I parted company with him too, as far as accepting him beyond a certain point. I have not read Chomsky a lot, but will do so more. He likes America enough to write the books with a history that reflects the truth of our leaders which in many cases is quite disgusting. What is he supposed to do, color it up to please the likes of Joe Conason?

I like Chomsky,Amy Goodman, Arundhati Roy (fabulous thinker), Howard Zinn, and I put in the same basket Howard Dean(he's of their caliber but he's chosen a more difficult role).

Amy Goodman is Pacifica Radio and I want to catch her too. PBS under Bush is becomming a dog.

Adi said...

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