Wednesday, April 19, 2006

More on Obama

My most recent post second-guessing the political direction of Barack Obama, written yesterday, is here. Since then, Katherine at Move To The Left has written a long and well-reasoned post in defense of Obama, Antid Oto of Left Behinds has addressed the question, and I've stumbled across an Obama post by Tom Grayman on MyDD. I'll post my further thoughts as soon as I can, but in the meantime it's all good fodder to chew on.

(Some of you may wonder why I've put a photo of Jennifer Garner on a post about Obama. Simple: I think the blog was greatly improved when her picture was up top, and I felt guilty -- sort of unesthetic -- when I saw how much worse things looked when Scott McClellan replaced her as the top post (see post below). So, I'm simply restoring the esthetics. Dumb? Of course. But it's my blog. Besides, I still like the post about Jennifer and like having an excuse to keep it alive.)

Update, April 20: I just came across this good catch by Matt Stoller from February, and will toss it onto the fire; why was Obama praising Joementum just a month after Joe undercut Obama?

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