Thursday, March 23, 2006

Time to Replace Harry Reid as Minority Leader?

Filibuster a Supreme Court nominee who has placed his opposition to Roe v. Wade in writing, holds a radically broad concept of Presidential power at a time when that exact issue may be presenting a Constitutional crisis (or would, if we had an opposition party), and was evasive in his confirmation hearings? Nah: the (pro-life) Senate Minority Leader calls it a "conscience vote."

Filibuster the unconstitutionally overbroad Patriot Act that includes provisions which invade Americans' civil liberties without making them safer and makes the President's powers even broader? Nah: leave Feingold hanging out there with only a couple buddies for support.

Filibuster an immigration bill that's much more on conservatives' radar than liberals'? Hey, sure!

The man's loyalties and priorities both are misplaced. Boxer for Minority Leader.


lucretia said...


Reid's priorities are the same as DLC, so why do you stress this? Do you expect him to say anything else?

Aren't Vichy Dems DLC Dems? So, what is your point???

Are we talking on this blog within the DLC box, or talking outside of it?

Anonymous said...

I don't know that Reid tracks the DLC agenda (I'm not saying he doesn't, I'm honestly saying that I don't know). I'd love to hear more about what others think about him -- sometimes I'm the only one who's questioning his leadership.

And no, I don't automatically classify all DLCers as Vichy. I don't really have a problem with centrist, or even conservative, Democrats -- so long as they are good team players (for instance, abiding my party discipline in close, important votes), then I think their own constituents have the right to whoever they choose, even if their positions are more conservative than mine.

What I DO have a problem with in the DLC itself constantly trying to monopolize the party, as I discussed here and in the links that post contains. That really ticks me off, because while I believe voters have the right to elect conservative representatives, they also have the right to elect progressive ones, and the DLC's leadership both forecloses that possibility and keeps losing elections.


lucretia said...

Both Reid and Pelosi, as I've said before, were against Dean for DNC Chair with weak excuses. How can Reid not only track the DLC agenda but be a loyal part of it, or else they'll get him out. These people don't play games. The people in the DLC are united better than you indicate, or they are not important at all. It's Bill and Hillary Clinton,the two Demo leaders on CNN's Crossfire (who never miss a chance to say something againt Dean) and other Demo smilers who make me sick.

They think Dean is slightly off balance (meaning they want to say he's crazy)for spending money on the grassroots build up. They want the money spent on national activities only,with big ads and their weak but obedient candidates. That's the way they do business as usual. Terry McAuliffe was their kind of guy...but plenty of Demos hated his methods as I do.

As a note: I received info from the AFL-CIO about their new blog several months ago. What a joy. Their new Pres., John Sweeney, is terrific. His talks are on their blog and are good and square. This is so important because labor is being screwed as say in "slave labor." Business needs cheap labor the Repubs and the DLC candidates believe sell. That's not true and the AFL-CIO can refute this. HOw will America reach it great potential with this bullshit capitalist concept? Everyone can win.

The DLC people go for the upscale professionals, particularly in the suburbs where the message is geared. Do you think they care about helping ghetto black people who are there because whites keep them there? Hell no! Or other minorities? But there's one thing that makes me laugh myself sick, and that's the Hispanics in CA are going ahead of the whites in number. It's going to get a little awkward isn't it? I'm not speaking from favoritism because I'm white.

We've got horrible Arnold here because of the Enron deliberate set up with Gov Pete Wilson to deregulate energy. When Gray Davis came in he was their target, and the Repubs operatives in CA were piranhas. One thing we beat Arnold in last year's special election. I made phone calls for the well organized group of teachers, firefighters, nurses and police, and we did it! Nobody on DAily Kos could believe we won something and how good it feels! The props were terrible. Arnold thinks the public employee unions are special interests that are tanking CA. It's the usual shell game, keep the public's mind on one issue, make it ig, big, while the real issue is under another shell.

It's sad that the public can still be gotten to about unions. Arnold has his own big special interests: Wal-Mart, Goldman Sachs, Toyota, and more. Go to He was brought in by Bush to California to get it for Bush. This guy is no independent. I used to watch him stand there on TV during the 'election' and lie like hell.

He was close to Ken Lay, Bush, Rove.