Saturday, March 25, 2006

Pinging Chuck Norris

The Founder of the infamous counterterrorist unit Delta Force calls Iraq a "debacle":

Q: What's your assessment of the war in Iraq?

A: Utter debacle. But it had to be from the very first. The reasons were wrong. The reasons of this administration for taking this nation to war were not what they stated. (Army Gen.) Tommy Franks was brow-beaten and ... pursued warfare that he knew strategically was wrong in the long term. That's why he retired immediately afterward. His own staff could tell him what was going to happen afterward.

We have fomented civil war in Iraq. We have probably fomented internecine war in the Muslim world between the Shias and the Sunnis, and I think Bush may well have started the third world war, all for their own personal policies.

(h/t to NTodd)

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lucretia said...

What does it mean if the war is going good or bad? So we beat down the Iraqi insurgents, what does that accomplish? There's no reason to be there, except as you say for Bush & Co. personal reasons. And those reasons will command the next mid-East war, probably Iran which is not conspiring against us just like Iraq wasn't. We have to stop falling for these lies. As far as Saddam Hussein goes, who cares? The country was doing o.k. for a dictatorship, the most advanced country in the middle east. Just don't get political--same as any dictatorship.

Bush's personal reasons include energy control of the middle east and therefore the world. What else is new?