Saturday, March 18, 2006

Contact Info for Democratic Senators: Censure Resolution

I've been working on a comprehensive contact list for every Democratic (and Independent) senator, but won't have time to finish it until later tonight. Even in draft form, however, the list is useful: it has most of the information you need, and if you print it out, you can use it to keep track of who you're reached and who you haven't. So, rather than allow the Perfect to be the enemy of the Good, I've posted the draft contact list here. I'll post a complete version in a few hours as soon as I can, and put a notice here when that occurs.

It's critical that our senators stop complaining about how much they wish Feingold hadn't brought his censure motion and start dealing with the reality that it's on the table, the President has broken the law, if he isn't censured he'll call it a victory, and they need to get on board. (More thoughts on the politics of courage and cowardice here.) So, we need to hammer every undecided Democratic senator with phone calls, faxes and emails telling them to get off their rumps and serve the Constitution for a change.

When contacting senators, it's often more effective (and, when switchboards are jammed, easier) to call their in-state district offices instead of, or in addition to, their main Washington, D.C. offices. And it's nice to be able to leave messages at multiple offices, and send a fax, and send an email, multiplying your voice -- especially on weekends, when there are no staffers to ask what state you're from. It would be especially nice for every Democratic senator to return to the office on Monday morning to find that their voicemails are completely full with messages from constituents saying we want them to stop being twits about Feingold's maneuver and to vote, straightforwardly, to censure the President for illegal activity.

If you know anything about a senator's position that I haven't indicated, or if you find a bad number etc., please drop a comment letting me know, either here or over at NetBoots, where the list is.

Thanks, and good hunting.


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