Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ben Domenech Watch: Infants Against Infanticide

Even as it addresses tragic events, Ben Domenech's Red America is shaping up to challenge Stephen Colbert in the "satiric wingnut comedy" category. Today's Example:

A group of British doctors fought in court for the right to remove a fully-conscious little boy from a ventilator, over the objections of his parents, because they judged his quality of life to not be worth living.

This case, Domenech says,

ought to serve as one of the ever-growing number of signs of the apocalypse (along with the popularity, of course, of Ryan Seacrest).

But there's a little recent history Domenech apparently wasn't aware of:

March 22, 2005: Sun Hudson, a six-month old Texas baby died last week when health care providers at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, Texas removed his life support system over the objections of his mother. The action was authorized under the 1999 Futile Care Law which was signed into law by then-Gov. George W. Bush.

Which tells us four things:

(1) Domenech doesn't know current affairs and doesn't bother to do research;

(2) He doesn't have the common sense to learn from his own mistakes. As a college journalist in 2001, he wrote "never trust a male cheerleader." It subsequently was pointed out to him that Bush used to be a male cheerleader, which should have taught him to pay more attention to those niggling historical details -- yet today he's made the same mistake again. (Here, Ben, this might help.)

(3) Domenech will never be a conservative nominee to the Supreme Court, since he's on record as paying attention to foreign law (sad to see such a young man limit his options that way); and

(4) As is the case with many Republican men with similar personal histories and overloud assertions of orthodoxy, Domenech appears to have a thing for Ryan Seacrest.

I'm going to go make popcorn now and see what else he comes up with.


james said...

it would seem that we've broken with all the love for BenDom. message says, "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded."

what a complete and utter mess they've brought upon themselves.

Anonymous said...

Funny all this handwringing over a fatal disease in an infant that happens one in 60,000 here in this country. I believe the Mayo clinic also said there was no hope. On the other hand all of you on this site worship at the altar of infant sacrifice, aborting perfectly normal human beings how odd you are.
Former democrat