Tuesday, March 28, 2006

National Lampoon's Family Vacation: Vichy, France

The Thersites family is taking vacation for a few days, and as anyone who's been reading VichyDems lately knows, we need it. Let's face it, the site's quality has plummeted recently. Shallow political analysis, a lack of historical perspective, ad hominem attacks, clumsy sentence structure... I even found myself using passive voice the other day, which certainly won't do for a Resistance Fighter! I would've written a giant "Awk" across half my recent posts if I knew the right html.

There really was no debate over where to go on vacation: we're taking the waters at Vichy*. I'll put a removable American Flag over my "W" sticker, remove the earring and fit right in. Ah, the bubbling mud baths... the bottles of mineral water... the lovely French countryside... and, most of all, a few days allowing my critical mind to take a break while I immerse myself in the luxuriant softness of unthinking patriotism and political shortsightedness. Yes! Germans and French are brothers in spirit. Yes! More sweet Rhone wine. (Let the Free French insist on the dry stuff; liebfraumilch is just as good, really, if you let your palate relax.) Those Germans are good folks; they've even promised to rebuild the train station the Luftwaffe bombed, if we continue to cooperate. I think I'll take a soak in the hot spring again before lunch, safe in the knowledge that the NSA is keeping me safe. Compliance is SOOOO much more peaceful than resistance...

Until we return on Saturday, some good folks will be keeping an eye on the blog. Randwolfe and Julie, as always, may pop up. NTodd and Grand Moff Texan have generously agreed to post or cross-post. And, below, I've started a "Senate Judiciary Commitee" open thread so readers can trade comments and share info on this week's activities (NSA hearings today, Feingold censure hearings Friday). And don't forget to keep an eye on our friends at Unclaimed Territory and FireDogLake, which certainly will have updates on the NSA issue if something new comes up.

Be good to each other while I'm gone. Feed the trolls all you want.

* Oops. I meant to say "camping at the Oregon Coast".


Lyricdancer said...

yepp, this Mrs. Thersites wants to be clear: Our dog is the only one who will be taking a mud bath and enjoying it, and any sparkling water will probably be falling from the sky. Nevertheless, springtime is magical on the Oregon coast. Buds on trees are just beginning to break and the quality of light reflects on the colors of the landscape like a fine painting.

Ellie Finlay said...

Hope you have a wonderful time!