Monday, March 6, 2006

It's Just a Tennis Ball, You Wimp!

I don't normally waste bandwidth with free-floating ad hominem attacks -- I try to stay on topic and focus on issues -- but the image of George W. Bush, former major league ballclub owner and leader of the War On Terror, cowering like a second-grader facing Nolan Ryan, was just too compelling.

It's not even a cricket ball, it's a tennis ball. No wonder the Pakistani player is amused.


Anonymous said...

How cheap and tawdry you are. Anyone having a projectile, tennis ball or bowling ball, coming toward their head would generally flinch and duck. I can assure you that if I threw something at your head you wouldn't just stand there and let it smack you.

Your bringing this up and pointing out the fact that the President flinched is just too cheap for words.

Shall we bring up John Kerry riding in a tank? Or do you get the point?


Anonymous said...

Not much of an athlete, are you, anonymous? And never been under fire?

Thought so.