Monday, March 20, 2006

Glenn Greenwald on Warren Olney's Radio Show

Our friend Glenn Greenwald did a great job today on Warren Olney's radio show, "To the Point." (Former Angelenos may remember Olney from his post-Rodney-King-riots show, "Which Way L.A.") Even on an all-star panel including former Nixon White House counsel John Dean (a good guy!), Matthew Iglesias from The American Prospect, and Ramesh Ponnuru from the National Review, Glenn stood out as both the most expert and as a mature Constitutionalist (especially compared to Ponnuru, who came across as a partisan whiner who made ad hominem arguments and kept shifting the discussion from censure to impeachment then arguing that impeachment was too extreme).

It's worthwhile listening (and not too long): RealMedia.

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