Sunday, March 12, 2006

ROOTS PROJECT: Pennsylvania Continues

The Roots Project-Pennsylvania effort to write Letters to the Editors ("LTEs") of Penna. papers and to contact Senator Arlen Specter to ask for meaningful Congressional oversight of the warrantless NSA surveillance program continues. Our chances of influencing our lawmakers are greater the earlier we get to them. Specter is still deciding how the Judiciary Committee will proceed now that the Intelligence Committee punted the ball, and LTEs -- which influence editorial policy -- and phone calls from Pennsylvanians to Specter's various offices -- which tell him what his own voters are up to -- are most valuable NOW, because when the matter is "officially" before the Committee and is finally being covered by the mainstream media, he'll already have made up his mind and it will be too late to change it.

So: Pennsylvanians and people with roots in PA and with friends in PA, please keep plugging away at this one!

More Pennsylvania bloggers have sounded off on the issue. Palady at TheLadySpeaks has a great discussion of how to frame the issue to help law-and-order conservatives understand our concerns; moderate John Cole at Balloon Juice puts the ports deal and the NSA issue in context; and rkrider at PA04Blue discusses this editorial from the Philadelphia Inquirer. All in all, lots to chew on.

Easy contact info and links to Pennsylvania newspapers.

Contact info for Sen. Specter, including telephone and fax numbers for all his offices and an email link.

Automated tool for non-Pennsylvanians to write LTEs to their own papers about the issue.

The toll-free Capitol Hill switchboard, which can connect you to any Senator or Congressperson's office (VM on weekends) is 888-355-3588.

And if you're still mad about the way "moderate" senators Olympia Snowe (ME) and Chuck Hagel (NE) caved to White House pressure and voted not to have the Intelligence Committee investigate the NSA issue, you can pester their sorry selves here.

Have fun.

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