Monday, March 13, 2006

Republican Family Values. Pass It On.

Know any "values conservatives" who support Pres. Bush? Send 'em a link to this post, for the good of their souls. From a press release (via corrente):

Adult film starlet and former California gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey is scheduled to attend the prestigious United to Victory dinner with President George W. Bush in Washington D.C on March 15th - 16th.

In addition, due to Carey's efforts in starting Mary Carey Productions, Inc. in 2005, Carey will receive the 2005 California Businesswoman of the Year award. ***

At the invitation of the Nation Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), Mary Carey will meet and interact with key Congressional leaders and Administration officials to discuss advancing powerful pro-business, pro-family agendas and meeting positive legislative goals. She will join Karl Rove, senior advisor to the President, for lunch on Wednesday the 15th, and President Bush for dinner on Thursday the 16th.***

Carey made national headlines in June of 2005, when she attended a similar dinner with President George W. Bush, also at the invitation of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).

This would be a funny and harmless story, except that this woman really is a hard-core porn starlet, her company really is a hard-core porn distributor, she really is receiving the California Businesswoman of the Year award, and the National Republican Congressional Committee really has invited her to a major dinner with the President -- twice. I'm not judging her; I'm judging the hypocrites who are leading our country while pretending to be defenders of "family values."

(BTW, the image above is as tame as I could find, though some conservatives still may be tempted to burn that flag. But Carey isn't softcore; it's Not Safe For Work, but to see who the Party of Values is supporting, do your own Google image search. Just don't blame me for what winds up in your cache!)

Update, March 16: Jessica Simpson, on the other hand, declined to attend, saying, "It just feels wrong." Atta girl!

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