Thursday, March 23, 2006

Letters to Editor Tool

As readers who've been following the progress of the Roots Project know, writing letters to the editors of local papers is part of our "netroots to netboots" strategy. LTEs influence both newspapers' readers and (more than they like to admit) their editorial policies (the latter because papers that disagree too often with their readership tend to lose readers).

Whenever the Roots Project has opened a front in a new state, we've laboriously listed all the contact info for every significant paper in that state. That's still the best way, IMHO, because it generates more personal, individual letters than online tools do -- and the one thing all LTE editors are on guard against is institutional, cookie-cutter letters; they just won't print them.

But we don't have that info up for many states yet, so I'm glad to have an automated tool to fall back on, provided by MoveOn. Letter to the Editor Tool.

The goal: support Senator Russ Feingold's censure resolution, and encourage every senator to support it instead of vacillating.

The message: that it's not about spying, it's about warrantless spying. (Background here and here.)

It's God's own work, folks. Take the time to write a few, and please let me know back here if yours gets published, or if your paper prints a summary of "number of letters received" on this topic.

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