Friday, March 24, 2006

Domenech Resigns Under Fire As WaPo's Resident Rightie

What brought him down? Not calling Coretta Scott King a Communist. Not making homophobic jokes. Not crying about liberal judges ordering children off incubators over their parents' objections without mentioning that his hero, George Bush, signed the Texas law allowing the state to take children off incubators over their parents' objections. Not failing to do basic research and know his topics. Not screening the comments on his blog, and editing the list of blogs that linked to it so that only sycophants appeared on it. None of that is enough to even make modern Republicans of his ilk bat an eye.

But plagiarism still will bring down someone working for a major paper, thank God.

But now what will I do for fun?


KnightErrant said...

The Germans have such a useful word, Schadenfreude, joy in the misfortune of others. Sometimes, a public beheading can be so much fun.

692 said...

What to do for fun? Why, wait until the WAPO sends us more fish in a barrel.