Friday, March 24, 2006

I Visited My Senator; Have You?

Putting my money where my keyboard is, I just dropped by the local office of my Democratic senator, Ron Wyden (OR). I delivered my message about getting off the fence and getting behind Feingold. His staffer was friendly, and said that they've been getting slammed with calls, both in that smaller district office and in Washington, all in support of Feingold. He also explained that their office uses a computer program to report all constituent contacts back to D.C. in real time, and that the nature of the contact -- phone call, letter, walk-in -- is logged and reported, as well.

Three minutes. Nice contact. Report going to Wyden. Democracy. You?
Senator Walk-In Information Here


Boyd said...

I spoke with Senator Feingold's staff this week and was happy to hear that a strong majority of callers from not only Wisconsin, but from around the country, have been very supportive of his actions on censure. Please contact your Senators and put heat on them.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome, Boyd. I doubt there are any Democrats in the Senate that aren't getting at least 2:1 in favor of censure. If they don't listen, they deserve to lose our support.