Saturday, February 18, 2006

Why There's Still a "Game Plan" on NSA Hearings

I know. It's the weekend. Not only did the Senate Intelligence Committee just roll the Constitution into a huge doobie and fire it up on Thursday, but the Republicans are Bogarting the damn thing. The bad guys control everything and all these phone calls, phone calls, phone calls don't do a damned bit of good. If we could, we'd all just drink the KoolAid too and be happy for a change. I understand. And this crazy guy who calls himself Thersites still is asking for stupid useless phone calls on the NSA issue. What a kook.

But here's some more support for my assertion that NOW is exactly the right time to keep the pressure on:

The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee said Friday that he wanted the Bush administration's domestic eavesdropping program brought under the authority of a special intelligence court, a move President Bush has argued is not necessary.... By Friday, with Mr. Roberts apparently stung by accusations that he had caved to White House pressure not to investigate the eavesdropping without warrants, it appeared the talks could put the White House and Congress on a collision course.

Yes. Pat Roberts. Stung (and probably "shocked, shocked") by the claim that he had "caved in."

And why make calls over the weekend (and next week, when Congress is in recess, 'cause that's what we're gonna do)? The key is in a single line from this article:

The issue may cool while Congress spends the next week on its Presidents Day break.

The White House HOPES it cools, but we won't let it. Roberts is surprised anyone noticed his shenanigans two days ago and already is backing away from them. The White House is more worried every day. They hope we take our eye off the ball, the way Democrats and sheeple always do. And instead, they're going to get... a steady little patter of phone calls from concerned citizens. At their DC offices, at their home-state offices. Polite people, angry people. Liberal people, conservative people. All saying that we love America too much to let our precious liberties be taken away. Tap, tap, tap...

It doesn't take much of a push to topple mountains when they're balanced this precariously. That's why I say: stay in the saddle. Keep calling. Maybe five calls a day. Tell a friend. Five more calls a day.

Tap, tap, tap...

The Game Plan is, of course, right here.

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