Thursday, February 16, 2006

NSA Hearings Might Still Happen

Maybe. Glenn suggests so. I haven't heard one way or another yet today from the Senate Intelligence Committee, nor whether there's been any change one way or the other in the Senate Judiciary Committee. If either one of those committees holds hearings in the near future, then I'm certain at least one House committee will do the same, probably Heather Wilson's House Intel Committee -- but I foresee that committee to focus on amending FISA to make the President lawfully omniscient in the future while forgiving past misdeeds, and a big push by the Rs to impose the same limited focus on any Senate committee hearings if they are in fact held.

In other words, no real news yet. The WaPo story yesterday may have been Rovian bluster with no substance. Or it may have had some legs, but we cut them out from underneath it and kept the NSA story on course by the work we did telling our Senators that we are, contrary to Beltway belief, paying attention. Or maybe there are still bad surprises today or maybe tomorrow.

But we did good. I suspect that the second option -- that we helped cut the legs out of a nascent Republican effort to gut the NSA story -- has some truth. We may not have toppled their shenanigans altogether, but I think we slowed them down and made them think. Good on us!

I need to be away from the computer for much of today, unfortunately, but I'll try to keep things as up to date as I can. Meanwhile, a few more calls to key players like Snowe and Hagel never hurt!

SUPPLEMENT: In the "news that's not news" department, this. And, for those who want to start peeking at the rest of the iceberg, there's this, and for folks seeking new Vichys to villify, I give Jane Harmon (D-CA).

Chew before you swallow. I'll be back online when I can.

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