Sunday, February 5, 2006

I'm Saying Seahawks

Just because Maria Cantwell isn't as bad as Ed Rendell and Bob Casey put together, and Rick Santorum doesn't deserve any happiness at all.

SUPPLEMENT: Oh, and because Lynn Swan looked like just another jerk politician in the pregame show.

SUPPLEMENT 2: Crud. Flawed strategy by the decision-makers at critical points, plus officiating that seemed to consistently favor the other side. Sound familiar? It gets old.

Hmmmph. If they'd taken calls from fans to decide which way to decide close calls, the VichyDems faithful would have had it in the bag.

OK, /sports talk. On to November!!


Anonymous said...

Its not easy being you, is it?

Filibuster: you lose
Alito confirmation: you lose
Seahacks: you lose

Do you see a pattern here? Do you? Huh?

Anonymous said...


Same as above: if you will post links to an email address (even an anonymous one like g-mail) and a website or blog (so we can see your fully-developed views and have a chance to respond to them on your turf, as you're doing on ours), then I will consider leaving critical comments like this on this site.

But I have no patience for completely anonymous posts, which display that particular cowardice and dishonesty so often seen among conservative trolls.

Rather than delete you, I'm glad to give you 48 hours to post a valid email and blog address. Otherwise, I'll assume you aren't actually interested in constructive or serious discourse, and delete your posts. I think that's more than fair.