Monday, February 27, 2006

Election Dates

Public Service Announcement: Please put these dates on your calendar, as reminders to make contributions and take action in time to make a difference:

March 7, 2006: Texas primary election (Ciro Rodriguez (D-TX) v. Henry Cuellar (V-TX); winner almost certainly will win Cuellar's House seat in November)

May , 2006: Pennsylvania primary election (Chuck Pennacchio (D-PA) v. Bob Casey (W-PA)); to determine who will challenge Rick Santorum's Senate seat in November)

August 8, 2006: Connecticut primary election (Ned Lamont (D-CT) v. Joseph Lieberman (V-CT); to determine who will be Democratic nominee for Lieberman's Senate seat)

November 7, 2006: General election (Democrats -- without Lieberman or Cuellar -- take back the House and maybe the Senate, while unseating Santorum. Supporters of this site consume copious champagne and are lauded on national TV by Bill Moyers for their hard work.)

November 8, 2006: VichyDems gears up for 2008.

V = unquestionable Vichy: I'd back a Republican before backing them. W = not a definite Vichy, but definitely a Wanker. We support the bold candidates. Links to each candidate's campaign website, and a place to securely make campaign contribution, here at VichyDems' ActBlue contribution page.

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s p a z e b o y said...

I'm counting down to the Ned Lamont primary on the Ned Lamont Resource that I maintain.