Thursday, February 2, 2006

Corpus Callosum Post: Links From the Other Half of my Brain

Some of you know that I have a second blog, the NeoProgBlog, that isn't quite as, er... what the hell, shrill as this one. There, I advocate a "coming together" of conservatives, liberals and moderates under the banner of neoprogressivism, agreeing on certain basic American political principles like honest government, competent government, checks and balances, fair elections, etc. while agreeing to disagree on specific policy matters. In my view of neoprogressivism, conservatives and liberals still can, and should, fight like hell over how big government should be, what its proper scope is, which Justices should be appointed, etc. -- but they'd do it within an agreed framework of traditional American values, which are, in early 20th century terms, fundamentally progressive.

Here at VichyDems, of course, I take off my neoprogressive "facilitator" hat and put on my "liberal" one, the one made out of tin foil. That's entirely consistent with my neoprogressive side: one can be a patriot and still agree with the other side on rules of war. (Something that some people don't seem to understand, but I digress...)

The above is probably too much introduction, but I figure folks might wonder what the difference between the two sites is, and why I choose to post some things here, and some there. Usually there's not a lot of overlap.

But today, I've put up a some posts for general consumption over there that might interest you radical crackpot lefties, as well. Swing by if you feel like it.

WH won't give Congress docs on NSA spying (with at least a casual reference to Alito);

More Iraq waste and fraud, with pictures; and

GAO blames Feds for Katrina response, putting the lie to Republican efforts yesterday to blame the state and federal governments.


Anonymous said...

A Whack Job is still a whack job no matter how one describes themself.

nonprofitblog said...

Wow, you've been going wild over here. Looking good T2.
What do we do about a girl named Maria?

Most likely her seat is solid D, yet she caved when it really mattered. As with Kulongoski, the more "our side" hammers these folks, the more it arms the rovians and their ilk.

What to do about a girl named Maria?
I'll be in touch soon via email, most likely I can help with something.