Monday, February 27, 2006

More on Chuck Pennacchio

UPDATE: Guest blog by Pennacchio himself (score!) here.

ORIGINAL POST: Chuck Pennacchio, a history professor, is seeking the Democratic nomination in the upcoming Senate race against the God-awful Rick Santorum. His opponent: Bob Casey, a pro-life, pro-Alito "Democrat" who's a burgeoning Vichy even before taking his seat. Casey has two things going for him: (1) like Jack Kevorkian, Richard Simmons and my dog, he's better than Santorum, and (2) even before the primary, he has the overwhelming support of the center-right Dem establishment. Which means Pennacchio -- whom a recent Zogby poll indicates would have a better chance than Casey does of actually beating Santorum in November -- is the long-shot underdog in the race.

I've already sounded off about this here, here and here.

Today, Natalie Davis has posted a good interview with Pennacchio here.