Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Donate. To. Ciro. Please.

We don't like Vichy Democrats. Henry Cuellar (V-TX) is a quintissential Vichy Democrat. His opponent in the Texas Congressional primary, Ciro Rodriguez, is a true progressive. But Ciro needs money, NOW, to buy ads in time to win the election in three weeks.

Do you have ten dollars? Please give it to Ciro. Put some skin in that race. One month from now, if Ciro wins, you'll have won. You will feel good. You won't feel like the Republicans own everything. The sun will be brighter, your children will be more pleasant, your spouse will smile more, you'll get a raise and you'll drop five pounds. Really. It'll be a better world. And I'll feel like all the time I put into this thing actually made a difference, too.

VichyDems' ActBlue contributions page is right here.


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