Friday, February 3, 2006

Hot Links! Get yer hot links here!

There's lots of good anti-Vichy and party-reinventing stuff happening on the other blogs. Here's a selection of the best, with questions from me that I'd LOVE to hear comments from you on:

Mahablog and Digby on the real Democratic party, the role of the blogosphere, and our oh-so-responsive leaders. PLEASE come back here after you read these and leave comments: I'm trying to figure out what role YOU would like VichyDems to play, going forward, and these are precisely the issues we need to dig into.

Digby on NARAL and Chafee

Eschaton's (Atrios') candidates worth supporting, on ActBlue. (Question: should VichyDems set up an ActBlue account, polling YOU to determine who to support?)

Bernard Weiner on reforming the Democratic Party vs. starting a new one. (I'm firmly in favor of reform, because I believe third parties always fail. Your thoughts?)

Matt Stoller at MyDD on the risks to the blogosphere of taking on Lieberman (Yes, it's a serious piece.)

Does the election of a Korean-American Mayor in NJ provide a new model for Democratic campaigning?

Kos, from last September, on the Supreme Court, Vichy Dems and the party's failure of leadership. He told us so!

Is Biden a Vichy? Anyone think he's not? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

And finally, some multimedia fun that's not Vichy-related but just disses Bush: one video (Standing O for Failure of Bush's Social Security Plan), one blog-with-audio (College kid stumps Bush, who doesn't even know he's gutting college aid). This is why we need strong Dems: to strongly fight for people like this kid, instead of selling them out.

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Fight Back said...

Glad to see you mentioned Bernie Weiner's column. I am in favor of reform. We've got some good Dems out there (my favorite being Russ Feingold)
and Howard Dean is shaking things up a bit. There was a piece in DailyKos about he is giving money to the Democratic Party at the local level instead of the money going to pols in DC. There is already a structure for the Democratic Party--building a third party will take time that could be better used to reform the Democratic party. Let's show them support everytime they do something right!! I am e-mailing Russ feingold for standing up to the Busheviks on the Patriot Act.