Monday, February 13, 2006

OK, Just One More, But Then I Gotta Go...

Really, I want to crawl back into bed, but I can't resist this: Joe Lieberman on Sean Hannity's show, telling the world that the Democratic Party has been captured by far-leftists and is weak on defense and that Hannity's a really great guy. You can almost hear them swapping spit.

Mp3 download link here. Thanks to Calling All Wingnuts.

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Randwolfe said...

Every-time I start thinking, well, maybe Lieberman has some kind of plan, some way of sidling up to the republicans so he can get inside information to use against them. (Sorry, but politics is a cut throat business.) But after the Hannity fiasco, it is clear that Lieberman is simply in the wrong party. He should have an (R) after his name. Lieberman is more republican that some republicans. I sure hope that there is a viable challenger for his seat? There is already one Democrat who is really a republican. We cannot afford more than one. We need to support Lieberman's democratic challenger.