Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Now We've GOT to Make a Fuss, Or We'll Look Silly

Hey, we're a tiny bit famous! From today's edition of the National Journal Hotline Blogometer:

EAVESDROPPING: Are There Second Acts In American Political Movements?

Attention has temporarily swung away from the NSA wiretap debate (just as Plamegate fell off the radar yesterday) but Vichy Democrats -- launched in the wake of the failed filibuster of Samuel Alito -- is contemplating another campaign, this one aimed at getting Dems to put the screws to the Bush admin....

The full article is longer, and worth reading. Search for "Vichy" to jump to the right place.

I need to repay the favor by giving Blogometer a plug. It's a great place to pick up on trends and news -- sort of a human-edited blog aggregator, which must take a ton of work but results in a nicely synthesized and topical end product. In the piece linked above, I like the double entendre of "eavesdropping" -- the NSA's eavesdropping on all of us, and the NJ's "eavesdropping" on our plans to make an issue out of it. Plus, I love it that someone's calling the Alito grassroots campaign a political movement -- because it is, it damn well is, if we can keep it going.

For Kos and Atrios this kind of thing is all in a day's work, but I have to interrupt my assembly of the NSA "Game Plan" and go call my mom now...

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P.S. I was kidding about calling my mom. Not everyone gets my humor, or knows I'm actually a grown-up, not a kid blogging from his parents' basement!