Friday, February 3, 2006

Money Talks: VichyDems Starts ActBlue Campaign Contribution Site

Phone calls are great, and they DID send a strong message last Monday. But money talks, and we need to support Resistance Fighters against the Vichy with both our work AND our wallets.

To that end, we've started a VichyDems fundraising page on ActBlue. There, you can see the candidates we've decided to support, and contribute to them. Hopefully there will be a nice synergy: good candidates will appreciate VDems' monetary support, and in turn will be open to hearing our views once they're in office. We don't want to buy their votes -- we'll leave that to the K-Street Republicans! -- but we do want to make sure that our candidates know who brung 'em to the dance, and this is an important way to do that.

So please visit, and please donate whatever you can. Even a few bucks a month, every month, will add up. We'll do the same, both personally and with any profits we generate from the ads in the margins. Little by little, we'll add up to a lot!

The candidates we're currently endorsing on the ActBlue site are:

Ciro Rodrigues, challenging "I'm Beaming At My Messiah" Bush Democrat Henry Cuellar for a House seat in Texas.

Chuck Pennacchio, who is fighting pro-life candidate Bob Casey for the PA Democratic nomination. The winner of that contest will then go on to challenge Rick Santorum in November. We'd much rather Pennacchio win than Casey, both because Pennacchio polls well against Santorum and because Casey is, well, a big wanker with Vichyistic tendencies.

Mark Wilson, who's challenging Maria Cantwell for a Washington Senate seat. Cantwell voted against the filibuster. Consequence: we support her challenger.

Bob Menendez, the newly-appointed New Jersey senator who voted against cloture and against Alito on Monday after stalling for quite a while. Consequence: we support him.

I figured this was a safe list to start with, not too controversial. But I'd love to hear who you think belongs on our ActBlue page. If you can convince us your candidate's got the right stuff, you may be able to multiply your support through the power of the Internets, so let us know what you think!

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