Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Atrios on the Chafee - NARAL Connection...


It does make me think harder about how to handle Chafee. On the one hand, he was the one R who voted against Alito -- something even four Ds did. Hard to hold that against him. Ditto with the cloture vote: he voted wrong, but then he's an R, and hell, 19 Dems voted with him. But, as Atrios points out, Chafee also is currying NARAL's favor and money in a blue state; NARAL certainly shouldn't give him any more dough given his vote against cloture (except maybe in the primary, if he has a Neanderthal challenger who seems electable). And maybe we shouldn't support him, either, even though he's on my "thank you" call list.

This is why I can't do this by myself. I need some help. Linc Chafee: good guy or bad guy? Is he better, say, than Casey, the pro-life D who's challenging Santorum in PA?

Please let me know your thoughts!


Robert Lindsay said...

BAD...GUY! He takes NARAL money, then votes to flush Roe v Wade down the drain? Forget it! Blue state? Why is Chafee their Senator? A vote for cloture was as good as a vote for Alito. Chafee gets nothing, zero, zip, nada. Defeat him. Get a good electable Democrat in there and show how "environmentalist", "moderate", "pro-choice", Republican Chafee has sold his soul to the American Taliban and the new Rebublofascists. All his words, all his votes, they are all garbage with this one act. With this act, this loser flushed 100's of progressive words and acts down the toilet, nullifying them by voting for the FASCIST Alito. Actions speak louder than words, and some actions effectively nullify others. Toss Chafee, and NARAL should not give him one nickel.

ragusauce said...

Is NARAL a christian front organization? After receiving record funding for the fight against Scalito, they basically sat on their hands and did nothing. Great work NARAL, and great job killing Jim Langevin for senate in RI. Though he is anti-abortion you can bet your bottom dollar that Langevin respects the right to choose. With friends like NARAL who needs the evangelicals.