Thursday, February 2, 2006

A Vichy I'd Never Heard Of: Henry Cuellar (V-TX)

George Bush and Henry Cuellar share an intimate moment just before the SOTU.

Joe Lieberman clearly is the no. 1 Vichy to be jettisoned from the U.S. Senate. I haven't been paying so much attention to the House lately, but Kos and Atrios have stumbled across a terrible Democratic Congressman who is almost miraculously susceptible to being ousted: Henry Cuellar (V-TX). Cuellar is a pro-Bush, party-disloyal, No Child Left Behind-loving winger who won by a mere 58-vote margin over a real Democrat, former Congressman Ciro Rodriguez, when their districts were redrawn to eliminate one of their seats (burn in hell, Tom Delay!). Not only is Ciro running against him again in November, but currently there's no Republican challenger, so whoever wins the primary effectively wins the seat.

So, without even taking a head count, I'm naming him our No. 1 Vichy in the House of Representatives.

Here's the beta:

Atrios: Cuellar Backed Bush in 2000

Kos: Cuellar sat on R side of the aisle during State of the Union

Atrios riffing on Kos ripping on Cuellar

Cuellar's primary challenger, Ciro Rodriguez, campaign site

Ciro Rodriguez's diary on Kos

Contribute to Ciro Rodriguez here

Ciro already is reaping contributions due to photo above!

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