Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Scalito Vichys

A particularly nasty strain, because the virus they implant can live within your Scotus for years before becoming virulent enough to cause Gangrene in your Republic.

Here's the count; I'll try to keep it current:

Weak-Spined Total Losers Who Won't Even Vote Against Alito on the Floor:

Nelson, Ben (V-NB)
Johnson, Tim (V-SD) (here's why)
Byrd, Robert (V-WV)

PTs Who Only Take You Halfway There (They'll Vote No But Won't Support A Filibuster):

Landrieu, Mary (V-LA)
Salazar, Ken (V-CO)
Clinton, Hillary (V-NY)

One the Fence After Saying She Wouldn't Support a Filibuster:

Feinstein, Diane (?-CA)

Dilettantes (yes, that's a French word!) Who Aren't Even Voting But Still Are Wanking Alito's Tool:

Rendell, Ed (V-governor of Penna.)

Lemme know if I miss anyone...

This just in: Site tracking "The Alito 8." Thanks, WoodyGuthrie'sGuitar!

UPDATE, SATURDAY JAN. 28: Thanks, Ed Rendell, you huge Vichy penoid thing, you: in his radio address this morning, President Bush used YOU as political cover to bash true Democrats, saying: “This past week, Judge Alito gained the endorsement of Pennsylvania's Democratic Governor, Ed Rendell. Governor Rendell said he was not pleased with the partisan way some of his fellow Democrats have handled Sam Alito's nomination.” Well done. Jeebus.

Thanks to Bob Geiger for the info.

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