Sunday, January 29, 2006

A New Alternative to Calling District Offices

If you're tired of calling, faxing, and emailing District offices, and need a break, go visit our excellent friend Bob Fertik, who has had the brilliant inspiration to list key senators' campaign contact numbers! Go tell their campaign people that you won't give squat to a Vichy.

Just make sure you come back here Monday first thing for the highly-focused Monday gameplan.



Pinky said...

as a fun suggestion, most of my friends and i have emailed and called and told other people to, but tomorrow, before 4:30, we're faxing in a page of a phonebook, dictionary, cookbook, martha stewart living, our favorite book, etc, to dems on the fence as "filibuster material" for them to read during the filibuster. besides, faxes are very rarely utilized as a tactic, and we like to be clever :-)

Anonymous said...

I like it! Just make sure you tell them that's what you're doing, so they don't think you're just spamming them.

Thanks for your hard work!!