Thursday, January 26, 2006

Current Vote Count: Filibuster Can't Succeed Due To Vichys

Here's the current count:

I assume all 55 Rs will vote for cloture.

Three traitorous Dems won't even vote against Alito on the floor:

Nelson, Ben (V-NB)
Johnson, Tim (V-SD)
Byrd, Robert (V-WV)

That makes 58.

Three tepid spewable Dems say they'll vote against Alito but won't support a filibuster:

Landrieu, Mary (V-LA)
Salazar, Ken (V-CO)
Clinton, Hillary (V-NY)

That makes 61. Can't filibuster successfully.

So the only questions are:

1. Can we get someone to change his/her mind on cloture?

2. Can we get Kerry to filibuster anyway, and make every Dem go on the record?

Senate switchboard: 888-355-3588.


wet pants said...

Do it anyway.

Go down swinging.

Have called Wyden, no commitment.
Called Smith - no commitment on going nukular or not.

Sweet Sue said...

Robert Byrd took out the pocket sized copy of the Constitution he carries and blew his nose with it

Anonymous said...

Sweet Sue, you are my favorite. Thanks.