Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Another Vichy: Mary Landrieu

For pretending that an Alito filibuster would discourage the Nazis from rebuilding the train station they previously bombed in Lyons... I mean, stop the Republican Congress from rebuilding the New Orleans that their neglect and mismanagement destroyed in the first place:

Mary Landrieu (V-LA).

Because we have such a full plate of pressing issues before Congress, a filibuster at this time would be, in my view, very counterproductive. It is imperative that we remain focused on creating the tools New Orleans, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast will need to rebuild. This includes passing the Baker bill and allowing our state to keep its fair share of offshore energy revenues. We simply cannot afford to bring the Senate to a halt at a time when we need its action the most. If called to vote for cloture on Judge Alito's nomination, I will vote yes.

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