Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More postmortem, this time of our own efforts

Maybe I'm posting too much today, but there's a lot of postgame analysis. National Journal's Blogometer has this to say about VichyDems' (yours and mine) efforts:

Vichy Dems wrote, "Four up, one down, one big fracking sissy: Republican Senator John Ensign in car accident, unable to attend cloture vote -- that's effectively one more for our side!" Conservative Adam's Blog responds: "Wow, that's the Democrats' key plan for victory. Make sure enough Republicans in car wrecks and then celebrating afterwards."

Nice getting noticed. Not nice getting misquoted (or, in Robert Frost's great words, "willfully misunderstood"). What I really wrote was this:

Big recent developments: Four up, one down, one big fracking sissy: Republican Senator John Ensign in car accident, unable to attend cloture vote -- that's effectively one more for our side! Independent Jim Jeffords commits to support the filibuster! Tom Harkin will abstain from the cloture vote! Dayton will vote no on cloture. On the downside, Kent Conrad is solidly against filibuster. Joe Lieberman is waffling big-time...

And later, I wrote:

The Republicans are down to 54 Party votes, with John Ensign in a car accident (not seriously injured, thankfully, but unable to attend).

Not quite as lachrymose as Harry Reid's almost tearful homage to Ensign's bravery for daring to drive an automobile, delivered on the Senate floor before the cloture vote, but not as heartless as it comes across on National Journal (which sounds like it cribbed straight from Adam's Blog instead of researching directly).

NJ does, however, have us categorized under "Kossack Krack-Up", which I take as high praise.


Profbacon said...

Please factor in the outragous gang of 14 deal in your analysis. I think we got the shit end of the stick on that one.

Anonymous said...

Profbacon: I will! As I said in the "Final Tally" post today: I'll be posting more about the Gang of 14 and how, basically, they've sold the family farm to a strip-mining company in exchange for jobs in that mine. But for starters, please visit Kos and compare the Gang of 14 list to the list of traitors above. Chew ten times, and let me know what you think!

I'd like to hear what you guys think the Gang of 14 had to do with this. I haven't heard ANYTHING in either the MSM or the blogosphere about what the G14 said or did during or after their pre-cloture-vote meeting...

Pontificating Weasel said...

I can hardly wait for your next project. You did such a great job keeping Alito off the Supreme Court. Oh wait! He was confirmed! One senator from my state voted for the filibuster and I will NEVER let him live that down. Now, you've got to get out there and make sure you've got hard left lunatics running against all your Vichy Dem's in the primaries. You never know, some of them may actually get enough votes to have the honor of being slaughtered in the general elections by candidates from the adult party. 2006 is probably too soon, but I can see it all coming together in 2008. Democrats sold out to the hard left. Slack jawed voters shaking their heads in disbelief. A new Republican president. A filibuster-proof majority in congress. Life is good. Now put down those Lekis and get to work. You'll need the helmet, though, to protect your cranial cavity from all the wall banging. This beats the Three Stooges marathon on cable.