Saturday, January 28, 2006

Here's What VichyDems Will Do This Weekend...

Sorry to be silent for the past half-day; sleep, daughter needing to go to friend's house, etc. The damn non-virtual world...

Here's my plan for the site:

Sometime in the next few hours, I'll put up a new "game plan" list of key senators, with their voicemail and fax numbers and email links. The idea will be that Saturday night and all day Sunday, we'll fill their VMs to overflowing, then fill their email boxes to overflowing, then start sending ridiculous numbers of faxes. If readers will keep me updated, I'll try to indicate whose VMs are full, whose inboxes are full, etc. as it happens.

Then, starting at about 5 am my time (8 am Eastern) Monday morning, when the DC offices start opening again, we'll go back to live phone calls to real people, to FLOOD them with calls all the way to the 4:30 pm cloture vote.

For right now?

1. Sign the Kerry petition here.

2. Vote in the CBS poll here.

3. Send the automatic fax to a bunch of Senators here.

4. Check back here in about 3 hours for the new "game plan."

Thanks for your patience, and for your hard work!!


Randwolfe said...

Does anyone have a comprehensive list of the senator's home office phone and fax numbers, and email addresses. I have all of their DC contact info, but so far have only found a few district office numbers. It sure would be great to have them all together. I know they can be searched for, but if someone has the complete list, please post it here, and everywhere else you can think of.

Randwolfe said...

Here is the very best resource for senators names, including DC and district offices. Everything is here, phone, fax, email, even their bio.

Anonymous said...

Randwolfe: Hang in there! A complete list of ALL local office numbers and email contacts should be on this site within about two hours. Until then, here's a list of the fax numbers to play with:

AR: Lincoln(D) (202) 228-1371
AR: Pryor(D) (202) 228-0908
CA: Boxer(D) (202) 226-6701
CA: Feinstein(D) (202) 228-3954
CO: Salazar(D) (202) 228-5036
CT: Dodd(D) (202) 224-1083
CT: Lieberman(D) (202) 224-9750
DE: Biden(D) (202) 224-0139
DE: Carper(D) (202) 228-2190
FL: Nelson(D) (202) 228-2183
HI: Akaka(D) (202) 224-2126
HI: Inouye(D) (202) 224-6747
IA: Harkin(D) (202) 224-9369
IL: Durbin(D) (202) 228-0400
IL: Obama(D) (202) 228-4260
IN: Bayh(D) No FAX listed
LA: Landrieu(D) (202) 224-9735
MA: Kennedy(D) (202) 224-2417
MA: Kerry(D) (202) 224-8525
MD: Mikulski(D) (202) 224-8858
MD: Sarbanes(D) (202) 224-1651
MI: Levin(D) (202) 224-1388
MI: Stabenow(D) (202) 228-0325
MN: Dayton(D) (202) 228-2186
MT: Baucus(D) (202) 224-0515
ND: Conrad(D) (202) 224-7776
ND: Dorgan(D) (202) 224-1193
NE: Nelson(D) (202) 228-0012
NJ: Corzine(D) (202) 228-2197
NJ: Lautenberg(D) (202) 224-9707
NM: Bingaman(D) (202) 224-2852
NV: Reid(D) (202) 224-7327
NY: Clinton(D) (202) 228-0282
NY: Schumer(D) (202) 228-3027
OR: Wyden(D) (202) 228-2717
RI: Reed(D) (202) 224-4680
SD: Johnson(D) (202) 228-0368
VT: Leahy(D) (202) 224-3595
VT: Jeffords(I) No FAX listed
WA: Cantwell(D) (202) 228-0514
WA: Murray(D) (202) 224-0238
WI: Feingold(D) (202) 224-2725
WI: Kohl(D) (202) 224-9787
WV: Rockefeller(D) (202) 224-7665
WV: Byrd(D) (202) 228-0002

Anonymous said...

What if we were to hold rallys at every local office of these 40+ Senators at 9 a.m. (whatever time zone) on Monday. Or just encourage everyone to stop by these local offices first thing Monday.

Just a thought.