Thursday, January 26, 2006

Byrd Betrays Constitution

... by coming out in support of Alito, who would gut it.

I'm deeply disappointed. The man who spoke so eloquently against the Iraq War and so fervently defends the Constitution, shows yellow this late in an auspicious career.


Jesse S Wheeler said...

I don't understand this one. Byrd for so long has stood up to Republican power grabs, end-runs around laws, and pressure to cave in to the administration's inhumane domestic and foreign policies. He has also been a spine for the Dems succumbing to cowardice in the face of a rabid administration.
Maybe he sees something in Alito that reminds him of his own questionable past and thinks he can't vote against *himself*.
It's terrible. I have really looked up to him since the debates on the invasion.

Patriot said...

I too have looked up to Senator Byrd for what I saw as his courage in being one of the few who spoke openly against the arrogant Bushites.
Did he cave in for money or political favors? And--Is he running again? If so, I'm donating to money to his opposition--because he has betrayed the U.S. Constitution that he pretended to "love." A Republican in office in W VA is bad enough, but not as bad as a Democrat who voted to empower the Unitary Executive (i.e., Byrd).

kayg23451 said...

I emailed Byrd and expressed my disillusionment and countered his arguments. The strongest point he could make for voting for the filibuster and against Alito is that Alito would permit lax mine safty, the very pro-business stance that has lost WV so many miners these past weeks.

If he is being blackmailed (the NSA spying caper), then he should fess up and reveal the administration for the scum they are.