Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who Do Republicans Want to Win the Democratic Nomination?

UPDATE, APRIL 3: Add Joe Lieberman to the list of conservatives who want Hillary to win the nomination (but McCain to win the general election).

UPDATE, MARCH 22: After reading some blogs and articles on this subject, I think something needs to be made clearer: there's no question that Republican leaders and pundits want Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic nominee, because they know that (regardless of the passing impact of her "kitchen sink" smear strategy over the last month) she is much less electable than Obama (scroll down and check out the yearlong, 70+ poll chart). (Also, a Zogby poll here.)

President and Laura Bush, Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal), and Rush Limbaugh -- as well as the most conservative members of the Democratic Party -- all have helped Hillary out. (Addendum, March 23: as if Fox News throwing Hillary a campaign fundraiser (see "Rupert Murdoch" link immediately above) weren't enough to prove that the Republican power brokers want her to be the candidate, Fox News anchors are even admitting -- and some are upset -- that their network is tilted toward HRC: "Fox News' very own anchors are speaking out — and walking off — over what they perceive to be "Obama-bashing" on their network....") (Fox News' clear preference for Clinton over Obama more than outweighs any implication that could be drawn from Murdoch's adult daughter's preference for Obama.)

But Republican voters are crossing party lines to support Obama (e.g., in Ohio), not strategically to hurt the Democrats but because they honestly like him, just like the famous "Reagan Democrats" left the Democratic fold to vote for Ronald Reagan in 1980. Heck, even my diehard Republican mom is among them. "Strategic" voting by rank and file Republicans didn't start until Rush Limbaugh started urging his listeners to do so -- something that may have violated election laws and could get him indicted.

So please be careful to distinguish between what honest voters (who happen to be Republican) do -- support Obama in surprising numbers -- and what Republican strategists (who want the most beatable opponent in November) do -- support Clinton. There's a big difference between the two. (Addendum: Found a great Time article proving exactly my point here; check it out.)

ORIGINAL POST: A tidbit from Wisconsin, that serves as an example of what seems to be Republican strategy overall -- even George and Laura apparently want Hillary to win, as does Fox News' Rupert Murdoch, who threw her a fundraiser -- and which is yet another piece of evidence supporting my argument that Obama's significantly more electable. From Reason.com:

Some talk radio jocks suggested that Republicans (it's an open primary, and they can vote in either race) vote for Hillary, since polls show her losing the state to McCain in November.

(Relevant media reports here, here, here, here, and here.)

Just think about it... I'll have Wisconsin and Hawaii election results and analysis as soon as reliable returns come back.

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Human From Earth said...

Republicans might as well vote in teh Democratic Primary. There is no conservative left in the Republican one.