Sunday, February 24, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

Lots of racists are making themselves feel good by pretending Obama's only winning because of the black vote. (Dumb, yeah.) Now Obama's taking flak on the other flank because he's not working hard enough for the black vote. My take: what's more important for African-Americans, for Obama to win or for him to attend a symbolically important but pragmatically irrelevant State of the Black Union conference? I'd say it's more important for him to win the damn election so that he can give REAL States of the Union -- so, eyes on the prize, he's in Texas -- just like a white politician in his shoes (trailing Clinton in the clincher states and trying to lock in the nomination for good) would be. Good on him.

Anyway, we can't understand all the ramifications of this tempest in a teapot without understanding the demographics of Obama's voter base -- so please read this post on that topic.

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